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Well Said: Ramadan, Private Prayer, Charleston, Elliot’s Legacy

Ramadan: An Opportunity: This is a fantastic resource that gives you an overview of Islam and Ramadan. It includes 10 ways to reach out to your Muslim neighbors during Ramadan, which began on Wednesday this week, as well as a daily prayer guide. (IMB)

Private Prayer: "It’s happened. I’ve caught myself praying in public, and realized that most of my recent prayers have been in public. It’s the very thing that Jesus warned about…" (Darryl Dash)

The Church is Not a Sanctuary: On the Ground in Charleston: "One of my members, a past victim of abuse, said it well: 'I’ve never felt fully safe, but church was always a place I felt safe. Not anymore.'" (Peter Beck)

Do the Next Thing: "[Elisabeth Elliot] helped me see that my greatest calling is to live each day, each moment, doing the next thingto the glory of the Lord. That’s a pretty wonderful legacy." (Adrien Segal)

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