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UPDATED: From the Horn of Africa: Urgent Prayer Need

* An update has been added to the bottom of this post.

We just received an urgent prayer request straight from the Horn of Africa, our Secret Church 12 prayer focus.

We met and interviewed a brother there whom we called “A.” You may recall his story from the SC12 simulcast as he spoke about being thrown in prison for his faith and realizing it was a blessing so he could share the gospel with those in captivity. A church was started in the prison. “A” is a faithful follower who has suffered greatly, but God has used him to make disciples and multiply churches.

About two years ago, we were made aware that “A” had developed some health problems, and one month ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He has remained faithful through these challenges and recently underwent surgery to remove the tumor.

During recovery he began bleeding in his brain. Four days ago he slipped into a coma and has been non-responsive; he is now on assisted breathing.

We and the local church leadership have heavy hearts. This is a brother we know. This is a brother who helped us communicate about the persecuted church in the Horn of Africa. This is our friend. We share this with you so that we can come together to pray. This is one of those times when we wonder how we can specifically help our persecuted brothers and sisters – and we can help by praying for “A.”

Here are a few ways we can pray specifically for “A”:

  • Pray for healing and full recovery.
  • A’s family members are not believers, and he desperately wants them to believe in Christ. Pray for his family to come to faith.
  • Pray for believers to proclaim the gospel with resolve despite this difficult situation.
  • Pray that God would receive great glory from “A’s” life and testimony no matter how he chooses to heal him.


Thank you for praying for “A” during this difficult time. We know we just asked you to pray and God has heard us. Our brother “A” was taken to be with The Lord shortly after we posted the prayer requests. We thank God for saving “A” and for using his life to make Christ known to others in The Horn of Africa. We praise God that he used the suffering in “A’s” life to grow “A’s” faith and bring great glory to himself. Please continue to pray for “A’s” family to believe and for other believers who know “A” to be a comfort to them. Pray for the church in the Horn of Africa to be strengthened because of Christ in “A’s” life and death. Thank you for praying and continuing to lift up the persecuted church throughout the world.

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