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Tyndale Giveaway


You may have heard about David Platt's new book, Counter Culture, which has been out for ten days now. Maybe you even picked up a copy. However, you may not know about the topic-specific Counter Culture booklets that accompany it. These brief resources serve as great tools to help people start thinking biblically about the various issues we're faced with today. The booklet topics are as follows: racism, abortion, poverty, same-sex marriage, orphans & widows, sexual immorality, persecution, sex slavery, and unreached people groups.

One of them, however, does not deal with one specific topic. It is titled Because We Are Called to Counter Culture, and it introduces each of the issues mentioned above in a few short pages. If you're wondering why we should even care about these issues, this little book may help you see why each one is important.

And it just so happens that Tyndale is giving away this one (pictured below) for free. From Sunday (2/15) until Tuesday (2/17), you can get Because We Are Called to Counter Culture as an ebook.

Go HERE to download your free copy.

For more information about Counter Culture, go to CounterCultureBook.com.


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