Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015 - Radical

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

The past year was significant in many ways, especially in our current cultural climate.  A good number of our posts centered around issues like gay marriage and religious freedom. Here are the top 5 blogs posts from 2015.

Number 5 – Why Your Bible Study Is Too Spiritual

We've all been in that Bible study where we seem to be having a good discussion, people are engaged, the comments are insightful, and then Bob speaks up. Now we all love Bob (bless his soul), but Bob somehow always manages to provide some off-the-wall interpretation about the passage that everyone immediately knows is not quite right. But the question is, how do you know that Bob's comments are not quite right? Read the full post.

Number 4 – Is Same Sex Attraction Sinful? .

Scripture clearly portrays homosexual behavior as sinful, but what about the orientation itself? Is it sinful to have an attraction to the same sex, even if that attraction feels ingrained?  Read the full post.

Number 3 – Raising Children to Counter Culture

I’m not raising my kids to be safe. Oh, sure, we wear our helmets and our seat belts, but from the moment they are placed in my arms, I’m preparing them for the Leaving. We’re raising these little lives with hope that they will follow Christ. And we’re absolutely positive that will lead them to Dangerous Places. So while they briefly grow in our home, we tuck them up close and fill their heads and ears with stories of God’s faithfulness to carry them wherever they go. These stories are the Legacy I will give to my children: stories that teach them about a true and faithful God and how He relates to them. Read the full post.

Number 2 – When Secret Church Became Secret Church

There was a lot going on behind the scenes of Friday's Secret Church simulcast. As many of you now know, much of those beneath-the-surface preparations became even more frenzied than usual due to a security concern. So many people, including some of you, exhibited flexibility and grace in reacting to the last minute changes. God's hand was clearly evident. Here's a brief account of what happened. Read the full post.

Number 1 – The Supreme Judge Has Defined Marriage Once and For All

It is altogether right to be grieved about the redefinition of marriage in our culture. So-called “same-sex marriage” is now recognized as a legitimate entity in the eyes of our government. Such a designation by a government, however, does not change the definition God has established. The only true marriage in God’s eyes remains the exclusive, permanent union of a man and a woman, even as our Supreme Court and state legislatures deliberately defy this reality. Without question, we are living in momentous days–momentous in devastating ways.  Read the full post.

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