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The Witness of a Faithful Friend

In a country where it is illegal to share the gospel with Muslims, and churches must meet in secret for fear of being arrested, it would be easy to justify being silent about your faith. But Christians in Iran are doing just the opposite. In their workplaces and schools, with their friends and family, Iranian Christians are faithfully obeying Christ’s call to go and make disciples.

Radical had the opportunity to meet several Iranian believers whose conversion stories included a faithful friend and believer who dared to share Christ with them. As they went about their everyday lives, these brothers and sisters looked for opportunities to talk about the hope that they had found in Christ. For them, sharing Christ with people who are still walking in darkness is worth the risk.

Different from the Rest

Arash* credits a faithful college friend for introducing him to Jesus. As Arash worked in a bookstore during his time in college, he noticed how one of his coworkers seemed very different from the rest. “She was really kind and very peaceful,” he said.

His coworker encouraged Arash and went out of her way to be nice to him. He wondered what it was about this friend that made her so happy.

Several years later Arash found himself back at home serving his family after his father had a terrible accident that left him paralyzed. He was surprised to receive a phone call from his old coworker who wanted to check in on his dad. She promised to pray to Jesus for his dad and said her church would pray as well.

The next day, Arash’s father walked. As Arash told his friend what had happened, she explained to him that God is a loving father who desires to have a relationship with his children. She introduced Arash to a TV program where he could learn more about Jesus, and soon Arash repented and believed.

Looking for God

While Behrouz* was in college, he had to work a night job to support his family. As he spent time in his job, one man drew his attention because he was different from the other workers.

Behrouz had been questioning Islam for some time and was reading books on many different religions to find the right way. As he read at work one day, his coworker asked him what he was reading.

“I told him I was looking for God,” Behrouz said. “He answered that God wasn’t in these books and that he could show me the real God.”

The coworker took Behrouz to his house where he shared the gospel with him and began to teach him the Bible. He gave Behrouz his first New Testament and some evangelistic material. Not long after, the coworker moved on to another job, but Behrouz’s life had been changed forever.

These are just two of many stories of faithful Iranian Christians who look for opportunities as they work, study, and live alongside so many people who are without the hope of Christ. Their lives show the difference Jesus makes, and their words draw people to God.

It takes great faith and courage to publicly proclaim Christ, especially in a place as hostile to Christianity as Iran. Yet, Iranian believers see that Jesus is worth it all and that he will be with them wherever they go.

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*Names changed for security purposes.

Harper McKay is a global worker in Southeast Asia who has served as a guest contributor for Radical covering missions and work among the unreached.


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