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Rosaria Butterfield: The Cost of an Unlikely Conversion

We’re all unlikely converts. Nobody who is dead in sin and full of contempt for their Creator has the pedigree that heaven requires. But Jesus came to save sinners. He busts open coffins and gives God-haters new, beating hearts full of love for him. Every conversion is miraculous, and every conversion is unlikely.

But, on the surface at least, some appear less likely than others. Such is the testimony of Rosaria Butterfield. From lesbian to pastor’s wife, from anti-Christian researcher to Christ-exalting author, Butterfield’s Saul-to-Paul transformation is no more costly (or likely) than yours or mine . . . but it may be more obvious.

Learn more about Rosaria Butterfield and her book, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, on her website.

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