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Not Too Late to Join Secret Church

Maybe you’ve been procrastinating, not sure you can make it through a 6+ hour Bible study led by David Platt.

It is pretty intense. But you might be surprised. 

Here’s what some people have said about their Secret Church experience.

Our gathering consisted of people from differing churches and denominations. The Word that was taught was so amazing that we truly were operating as the body of Christ, having all things in common and sharing a common purpose. The teaching was so phenomenal that it took me over an hour after the end of Secret Church to get everyone to leave! We were having a Bible study after the Bible study! We were so excited that we did not want the experience to end. Thank you so much for being a willing vessel and putting together such an amazing event. 
—  Elise

My first time to be a part of the simulcast was absolutely amazing. I was tired before it started and feared I may not make it the whole night. Seven hours later I was pumped and ready to go for several more. My mind is still reeling and attempting to process all the truth David Platt threw at us. Needless to say, I’m beyond stoked for the next event.
– Stacy

My girlfriend got us tickets for my birthday. We drove over seven hours from South Carolina, and were blown away for another seven during Secret Church! We spent almost the whole ride back talking about things that the Holy Spirit revealed to us through David Platt and God’s Word.

Ready to do this?  Register for Secret Church, “A Global Gospel in a World of Religions” today. (Expedited shipping is recommended after Wednesday, April 20, to make sure that you receive your study guides in time.)


When you register for the simulcast you’ll have access to the full replay through the month May.  You can watch the full simulcast any time from April 29 until May 31. 

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