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Money, Religious Mockery, Engaging Culture

Praying for Money and Stuff: Jared C. Wilson pens "a prayer for financial provision inspired by these lines from John Piper's closing message at the 2014 Desiring God Pastors Conference: 'Jesus says it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Why would you want riches? Why make it harder?'"

All we need to know about religious mockery, we learned in Rome: In the wake of the Garland shooting, Bart Barber – a pastor in the area – explains what the early church teaches us about religious mockery.

The 'Right Side of History' is Sometimes Wrong: "History doesn't have a conscience… I'd rather be on the 'right side of justice' or the 'right side of human dignity' which may be in fashion at some points but may also be out of fashion at others," writes Peter Wehner.

Courage that Counts: Collin Hansen says that being hated by the world doesn't necessarily prove we're being courageous. "If they can’t see the compassion in our courageous stands, we appear to them as just another power-grabbing interest group."

You Can't Hide from the Culture Wars: "If we care about obeying all that Jesus commanded us, we will have to die to our desire to be liked and recommit to doing as the early church did, 'obeying God rather than man,'" writes Daniel Darling.


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