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It’s Their Move

On Friday the Supreme Court legally redefined marriage for U.S. citizens. According to the Court, same-sex couples now have a legal right to marry.

It would seem that, as evangelical Christians, it’s now our move in what's perceived to be an epic game of cultural chess. And maybe in one sense that’s true – the legal implications of this ruling will change the discussion in terms of public policy, religious liberty, and cultural engagement. We’ll have to figure out how to practically navigate it all as we cling to our biblical convictions, and it will probably be pretty difficult. But we counted the cost when we first decided to follow Christ, and we will continue to follow him no matter what it requires.

And that’s how, in another sense, it’s not our move. It’s still theirs. Though the legal circumstances may have changed, our position will not – we will still be loyal to the King of kings and submit ourselves to all of his decrees. What will our increasingly secular culture do when they figure out that our beliefs about marriage are here to stay?

I pray that many will begin to see our passion for truth as an inherent part of our love for them. That’s what it is. Just as we cannot truly love people and coldly condemn them to hell, we cannot truly love people and warmly lie to their face. God judges sinners. All sinners (ourselves included) need to know this, because only when they realize that they’re going the wrong direction will they turn around. And when they do, they may be surprised to find that the same God who judges sinners is there, mercifully pursuing his bride in order to wash away her sins.

What will their move be then, when they see that biblical marriage, the very thing they are rebelling against, is the means of their salvation? Christ did what only he could do and gave his life for his bride. He endured God’s just judgment in the place of his bride, those who trust in him. And one day soon, he’s returning to bring her home forever.

I hope God makes their next move as clear to them as he did to me when I made it years ago.

Jonathan Lenning is the General Manager of Sales at Cottage Supply Company in Birmingham, Alabama. He previously worked on staff at Radical.

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