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Iran: A Church Planter’s Story

Christians in Iran face extreme persecution. Sharia law governs all aspects of life in Iran, and the government only allows Armenians and Assyrians to be Christians. Ethnic Persians who become Christians are labeled apostates and face physical and mental abuse and imprisonment for following Christ. Almost all Christian activity in Persian languages is considered illegal including preaching, training, and publishing Christian materials. 

Iran ranks seventh on the World Watch List for persecution of Christians. 

Yet God is at work. Voice of the Martyrs recently aired a radio interview with Padina, an Iranian woman who boldly proclaims the gospel and plants churches throughout Iran. Padina was once a Muslim who planned to end her life on live TV to show her complete devotion to Allah. After she saw Jesus answer her prayers to heal her mother from cancer, both Padina and her mother became bold witnesses for Christ.

Click on the link above to listen to the Voice of the Martyrs radio show to hear Padina’s testimony about the growing church in Iran. Hear her describe the very real fears that Christians face in her country and how church leaders train new believers to overcome those fears through faith. In her own words, Padina shares about how God is demonstrating his power in Iran and calling Iranians to himself. 

Pray for Christians in Iran who are risking their lives to tell people about Jesus. Padina shares how you can pray.

“Pray that God blesses our time and protects us. There is such a movement inside of Iran that we could do amazing things. People are ready for the Gospel because there is no hope.”

Voice of the Martyrs serves the persecuted church through practical and spiritual assistance and connecting other members of the global body into fellowship with them. Learn how you can get involved. 

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