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International Refugee Crisis Hits All Time High

As you watch the video above, released on June 18 from the UNHRC, think of the individuals that these staggering numbers represent. A child who is lonely, helpless, and scared. A young woman who is continually plagued by flashbacks to the horrific violence she endured. A father who doesn’t know where his family is. An elderly woman who is now facing the prospect of spending her final years in a crowded tent away from home. Each of these 59.5 million forcibly displaced people has a unique and heartbreaking story.

Enter the gospel. God sent his Son in the flesh to proclaim liberty to the oppressed, sight to the blind, and good news to the poor. Not of this world and hated by it, he endured suffering beyond what we can imagine, taking God’s just wrath on behalf of all who believe in him. One day he will return to fully redeem all who have trusted in him for righteousness. On that day, he will give evil people the judgement they are due while he personally wipes away every tear from the eyes of his saints.

This is the good news that refugees so desperately need. But unfortunately, the likelihood that they know it is low. Half of them come from the countries of Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia, where only 5.9%, 0.1%, and 0.3% of their respective populations profess to be Christians. Indeed, despite their dire physical circumstances, the eternal plight of these people is much worse.

Here is their glimmer of hope: many of these refugees no longer live in Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Outside the borders of their war-torn and/or closed countries, the opportunity we have to reach them is greater than it’s ever been. That is to say, we are their glimmer of hope. May we pray faithfully, give generously, and go accordingly.

Jonathan Lenning is the General Manager of Sales at Cottage Supply Company in Birmingham, Alabama. He previously worked on staff at Radical.

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