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How to Utilize the Counter Culture Booklets


You may or may not be aware of the ten Counter Culture booklets released in conjunction with David Platt's latest book. Each booklet corresponds with one of the topic-specific chapters in Counter Culture, so they serve as great introductions to each of the issues covered in the book.

Here are some ideas for how you can effectively utilize the booklets.



  1. Small Groups: Many small groups like to serve their communities together. If that's you, your group may benefit from going through one of the booklet to get acquainted with a specific issue. If, for example, your group is contemplating whether to serve at a soup kitchen or work with international students from a local college, reading the Poverty booklet and/or the Unreached People Groups booklet may help you understand some of the biblical motivations for such service.
  2. People on the Fence About Counter Culture: Not everyone is dying to get their hands on a copy of Counter Culture upon hearing about it. It could be that a few of the booklets, the first one in particular (Because We are Called to Counter Culture), help people like this decide if they'd like to read the full book. Some may have misconceptions about Counter Culture's tone or overall direction, and the booklets may help to correct those errors.
  3. Someone Only Interested in One of the Issues: Maybe you have a friend who has focused all their attention on one of the issues covered in Counter Culture. They aren't so concerned with racism and abortion as they are with sex slavery – that's their thing. For folks like this, Counter Culture might not pique their interest… but a brief booklet on Sex Slavery may. What's great about this is that in the process of reading about sex slavery, they may come to see how it is connected to the gospel, and in turn, be compelled look at other gospel issues in the culture around them.
  4. Local Church Ministries: Maybe your church has a ministry that you are involved in – perhaps a ministry to women who have had abortions, a pornography addiction recovery group, or a community center in a low income neighborhood. These booklets might provide you with a good, albeit brief, overview of your particular ministry's focus for church members interested in getting involved in it. For instance, for the pornography addiction group, the Sexual Immorality booklet might remind you (and others in the group) of why and how people are prone to such sin and then point you to why and how you should combat it.
  5. A Sermon Series: The Counter Culture booklets could be great tools to pass out to a congregation that's in the middle of a sermon series on one of the topics they cover. If your church happens to be preaching about homosexuality and same-sex marriage for a few weeks, church leaders could order copies of the Same-Sex Marriage booklet for everyone to read as a short supplement.

Of course, these certainly aren't the only ways you can use the booklets. We hope these five ideas get you thinking about how you might take advantage of these great little resources as you counter the culture around you with the good news of Jesus.


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