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How Can We Pray for Indian Christians?

While researching India, our prayer focus for Secret Church 16: A Global Gospel in a World of Religions, we had the privilege to hear from Christians in India about their lives and ministries.

How We Can Pray for Indian Christians

We asked these believers how we as the global body of Christ could pray for them. Below are two of their requests. Read these requests and take time to pray over them, standing alongside our brothers as they face persecution for their faith in Jesus.

For security purposes, the names of these brothers are not included in their requests. Some of the requests were edited for clarity.

Request #1:

Thank you.  So, my reason, my reason [to be] here [is that] aching hearts are here. Many gods are here, I tell the people. I want to share the gospel and to share about Jesus. I want to share about salvation to all people … All over the world, people come here to get salvation and [the] Bible says only Jesus can give salvation. Through Jesus. No one can get salvation without him. This I want to tell them … So, I want to start [a church] in each caste … What I want to see is that people will fully know about Jesus. And, if they will know, so they will change all the world … So, just pray for me the Holy Spirit help me all the time. 

Pray for our brother to share the gospel boldly and to be able to start churches in the different castes.

Pray for him to be led by the Holy Spirit and to depend on God for strength in ministry.

Request #2:

You please pray for me, [to be] very humble and gentle because sometimes I’m very angry, so you please pray for me. People see me and watch me [because of] Jesus. [They are] not looking [at me but at Jesus].  People know I’m a follower of Jesus and [say about] me, he’s a very strong follower.  You pray for me, I’m not going to [give to] God any bad work.  Sometimes I have many pressures in my family for my daughters—how can I give everything to my family?  Then I many time [people offer for me to do bad work] and I don’t want to do those kinds of things. I want to work in good way and get good money [because] God loves me. Because I don’t want anything I’m doing [to dishonor God].

Pray for our brother to continue to be a witness for Christ and for people around him to see Jesus in him. Pray that they will believe because of the love he shows them.

Additionally, pray for him to be able to provide for his family by doing honorable work and to continue to resist the temptation to do work that would not honor God.

Stay tuned for more prayer requests from the church in India in their own words. Please join us as we learn about India and pray for persecuted believers as part of Secret Church 16: A Global Gospel in a World of Religions.

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