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God’s Word to the World: Audio Bible Listening Programs

God’s Word to the World: Audio Bible Listening Programs

Creating heart language Bible recordings is only the first step – Scripture engagement is, and always has been, the ultimate goal at Faith Comes By Hearing.

As with any printed Bible that merely sits on a shelf collecting dust, an Audio Bible is powerless to change hearts and lives until its contents are accessed and interacted with in a meaningful way. That’s where listening programs come in.

Audio Bible listening provides each person with an immediate and direct connection to God’s revelation of Himself. As individuals come to recognize their own overwhelming need and Jesus Christ’s abundant provision, they respond in true worship that is finally free from the false demands of human traditions.

Depending on the cultural dynamics, listening groups can take the form of large village-wide assemblies, medium worship-service meetings, or small family-unit gatherings. In these settings, the interactive discussions that follow provide the ideal conditions for personal and corporate discipleship.

In areas where religious persecution is a concern, a program may start out as one person listening discreetly through earbuds via a mobile phone or media player. While this option can lack the immediate discussion feature of the situations above, people who are being changed by God’s Word rarely keep it a secret. Because they tend to share both the Word and their understanding of it with those they trust, some sort of small group naturally forms over time.

Whatever the venue, the most important thing is that people connect with Scripture and give God an opportunity to speak His truth into their lives. Hundreds of field partners across the globe determine the specific needs on the ground and work with us to establish listening programs. Won’t you help them by sponsoring Bible listening for a village, church, family, or individual

— The above post is from Faith Comes By Hearing, a Counter Culture ministry parnter.

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