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Free Secret Church 16 Resources Coming Soon

You’re going to be hearing a lot of new terms and concepts related to the major religions of the world during this year’s Secret Church. In order to give you quick access to the key teachings of these religions, Radical is providing several free resources based on David Platt’s teaching. We hope these will help you review what you’ve learned and pass it along to others.

Here’s what you can expect to be able to download for free following this year’s Secret Church simulcast . . .

  • NEW RESOURCE! Discussion Guide for Secret Church 16: this brief guide breaks down hours of teaching into eight manageable sessions in order to help you re-teach and lead others through the material covered during Secret Church. Along with a short overview, each session lists key terms, concepts, and Scriptures, as well as discussion questions designed to help you talk about the material with others. It can be used with simulcast replay (available through May 31), the teaching portions available, free of charge, on the Radical website, or the SC16 DVD which will be available in June.
  • World Religions Chart: this easy-to-read chart will help you quickly identify what the major world religions believe about God, Christ, Scripture, sin, etc.
  • Overviews of Each World Religion: for each of the five religions in this study a one-page overview of the religion’s foundational teachings is provided.






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