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Free Elisabeth Elliot Teaching Series at Ligonier

You’d be hard pressed to find a teacher more qualified to speak on suffering than Elisabeth Elliot. She passed away on June 15 after suffering from dementia for around ten years. Married three times, her first husband, Jim Elliot, was martyred by the unreached South American tribe they were trying to reach with the gospel. Elisabeth went on to live among the very tribe that had killed Jim for two years, telling them of Christ and the forgiveness that could be found in Him. Years later, after returning home to the United States, she married a theologian named Addison Leitch. Less than four years later, he died of cancer.

Through everything, Elliot faithfully followed the Lord and proclaimed the gospel of Jesus. Her example has inspired and encouraged countless believers to obey Christ no matter the cost, and the biblical womanhood that she both taught about and embodied has been a model for younger generations of Christian women.

Ligonier has made the audio and video of her seven-part teaching series, Suffering is Not for Nothing, available on their website. Go there to view all seven sessions free of charge.

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