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Elections, Church, New Greed, Same-Sex Marriage


What Will Matter to Evangelicals in 2016: In this Wall Street Journal piece, Dr. Russell Moore explains what, in Christians’ minds, is top priority for potential presidential candidates in 2016. And it isn’t whether or not they know the words to famous hymns.

The “Plus One” Approach to Church: Highly practical and realistic, Kevin DeYoung gives some advice to those who are new in church and those who have drifted away. “This is far from everything a church member should do. We are talking about minimum requirements and baby steps.”

Finding the Rights Argument in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate: Andrew Lewis highlights a potentially successful linguistic strategy for proponents of traditional marriage. “To date, the ‘right of children to have a mother and father’ may be the best antidote to ‘marriage equality.'”

Are You Fighting the New Greed?: “What you’re doing is being greedy. Technology and social media is birthing a new greed…” Have you fallen into its snare? Christine Hoover’s question to Christians everywhere – what are you doing to fight this new type of greed?



Dear Justice Kennedy: An Open Letter from the Child of a Loving Gay Parent: Here is some insight on reasons that same-sex marriage, for the sake of the children, is not in our best interest as a country.


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