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David Platt Q&A Recap: Christ, Culture, and a Call to Action

In case you missed the live Secret Church Q&A with David Platt on Facebook earlier this week, we thought we’d paste some of the highlights below. He covered questions that dealt with this year’s SC topic: “Christ, Culture, and a Call to Action,” and there were many great questions that we could not fit into this brief post. As you begin thinking through some of the social issues facing us today, we hope you’ll consider registering for the April 24 simulcast, where David will be able to cover questions like these with a lot more depth and Scriptural context. In the rapidly transforming cultural climate in which we live, these are things we can’t afford to ignore.

Jackie: How can encourage your family to be an action and mission-oriented family in this culture?

Part of this Secret Church is going to involve practical actions people can take. These actions help people put their feet to faith in the culture around us. Particularly, when it comes to these most pressing issues. I will offer some specifics, but for now, generally, I think it’s good for a family together to look at each of these cultural issues, pray together, and then think through together what unique opportunities God has given you as a family to address these issues.

What are the avenues through your church in your community? What can you guys do together to put feet to your faith as a family? I love the thought of innumerable families doing exactly this. I love the creativity of God in the way he will lead all sorts of families. The way he will call them to do all sorts of things according to the leadership of his Spirit. Doing this all for the spread of the gospel and the glory of his name. – David

Zac: In the Bible Study, you talk about engaging unbelievers around us. How should Christians engage those who don’t see their need for Christ and don’t want to talk about it?

First and foremost, engage through prayer. This is a work only God by his Spirit can ultimately do. It’s not a work we can “force” upon others. Instead, my encouragement would be to live wisely, with sensitivity toward unbelievers around you, looking for natural ways to thread the gospel of God’s grace into everyday conversation. Live as salt and light, look for opportunities to speak the gospel as the Spirit provides, and keep praying! – David

Garrett: How do you think the church could better encourage and support those fellow believers who are same-sex attracted. Those who are very possibly called to lifelong celibacy? And how can the church better reach out to those openly gay members of our lives?

Great question, Garrett…and exactly the purpose for doing Secret Church on this topic. In short, we need a thorough biblical understanding of singleness, grounded in what Jesus taught in Matthew 19, what Paul taught in 1 Corinthians 7, and God’s good design in singleness. At the same time, the church must be filled with a family-like culture. A place where we are truly brothers and sisters, spiritual fathers and mothers. A group who will walk alongside one another with sensitivity and understanding to the different ways God has designed us and the different temptations we face. The more this kind of culture is evident in the church, the more we will be able to reach out to family members, neighbors, and co-workers with same-sex attraction. I’ll share at Secret Church about how this has played out in my own family and the lessons I’ve learned. – David

Jonathan Lenning is the General Manager of Sales at Cottage Supply Company in Birmingham, Alabama. He previously worked on staff at Radical.

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