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Christianity in America, Interruptions, Martyrs, Parents

Is Christianity Dying?: "The number of Americans who identify as Christians has reached an all-time low, and is falling. I think this is perhaps bad news for America, but it is good news for the church." – Russell Moore, Moore to the Point

When God Interrupts Your Plans: "We often overlook these interruptions and inconveniences and instead expect God to work in our lives through huge life-changing circumstances. But the reality is, we won’t often have major events in our life that cause us to trust God and obey him in some deeply profound way." – Christina Fox, Desiring God

Sorry, Progressives–Civil Religion May Be Dying Out, But Evangelicals Aren't: "The future of Christianity belongs to those who don’t surrender the inconvenient, inexpedient truths of Christianity for the sake of secular pottage." – Andrew Walker, Canon & Culture

Martyring the Layman: "In the West, we would call this kind of living 'radical.' Scripture calls this 'normal.' Normal people, amazing transformation, normal faith in Christ, normal endurance, powerful God, normal truth, unashamed outcome." – Matt Taylor, To Every Tribe

8 Items for Christian Parents to Ponder: "[Puritan John Flavel] offers these 8 considerations, asking that you would ponder each one and allow them to motivate you to call your children to respond to the gospel." – Tim Challies, Challiese Dot Com

How ISIS Helped Salmaa Become a Christian: "As Salmaa watched the news and saw the murder of 21 Ethiopian Christians by the hands of ISIS, she was strangely drawn to the peace she found on the faces of the men who knelt in honor of Jesus." – Garrett Kell, For The Church

Kristen Powers: The Rise of the Intolerant Left: "Powers, best known among CT readers for her dramatic Christian testimony, recently spoke with print managing editor Katelyn Beaty about the rise of the 'illiberal Left.'" – Christianity Today


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