Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech - Radical

Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech


TGC Spotlight 01.09.15: If you're looking for a good, quick recap of the terrorist attack in Paris, Joe Carter starts his weekly summary of articles with just that.

Theological Extremism in a Secular Age: "Western elites are relatively helpless when it comes to dealing with the world that will not operate by the same rules of rational order and rational discourse." Albert Mohler further explicates this, the main thrust of his article, but he also discusses what makes blasphemy in Islam different from blasphemy in Christianity.

Decency, Pluralism, and the Christian Response to Charlie Hebdo: Is doubling down with more of what can be considered blasphemous rhetoric the best way to stand up for free speech? According to Andrew Walker, free speech advocacy and intentionally offensive messaging aren't necessarily married.

Men Without Chests: How C. S. Lewis Predicted Charlie Hebdo Censorship: Unlike Andrew Walker's post, Sean Davis illuminates some real concerns about news organizations like CNN censoring the Charlie Hebdo cartoons that enraged the eventual terrorists that attacked their offices.


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