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Biblical Priorities for Musical Worship: An Interview with Bob Kauflin

Many churches spend a lot of time and money on their musical worship, but they have not thought carefully about how God’s Word speaks to this important topic. They have, without realizing it, missed the central focus of biblical worship.

In this interview, Bob Kauflin, Director of Sovereign Grace Music, talks about the right priorities and aims of musical worship according to Scripture. We asked him the following questions . . .

  • As you survey the landscape of congregational worship today, is there anything that excites you?


  • You’ve probably seen a lot of different expressions of worship around the globe. Is there anything you’ve seen––either good or bad––that contrasts with how we worship in the West?


  • Is it helpful or hurtful for a church worship leader or pastor to tailor the service to an unbeliever who may come into their assembly?


  • For a worship leader or pastor with limited resources, what word would you have for them as something they can do, beginning today or tomorrow, to help their congregation begin to sing the Bible, begin to sing songs that propel their people to mission?

[07:49- 10:53]

  • Is there something you would leave us with, whether it’s something you’re reading in the Word, something you’re excited about, or something you don’t want us to miss?


This interview took place at Sing! 2017, a Getty Music Worship Conference.

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