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A Biblical Method for Discovering the Will of God

In a previous post, I described seven faulty methods for discovering God’s will based on a sermon from David Platt titled “The Disciple’s Will.” In the same sermon, Platt went on to explain a biblical method for discovering God’s will – The Faith Method.

The Faith Method

Just based on the name of it, some of you may be discouraged, anticipating this method to be somewhat unhelpful. Having faith doesn’t seem to help you know what to do. But this is where we should be reminded that knowing God’s will is secondary to simply knowing God. Knowing God is, in fact, God’s will for his children.

That is to say, the will of God is not a road map; it is a relationship whereby Christ gradually overtakes our will to become one with his. This happens as we engage in our relationship with him, seeking to know him more intimately.

We read, study, and memorize his Word, trusting it completely. We converse with him regularly, praying for his desires to become ours. And we proactively obey what we do know to be his will.

Here’s how Platt fleshes it out a little bit:

What if God has designed His will – this whole will-of-God thing – so that as you seek him and as you know him and as you abide in him, he shapes you? And through this process, he molds you and he enables you not only to know what his will is so you can go out and do it, but he also enables you to experience his will.

Here’s the deal; let’s be honest. God has the power – in the decisions you’re trying to think through right now – to paint in the sky for you exactly what you should do. He has the power to give you a dream tonight or a vision today that says, “This is exactly what you need to do.” But maybe he has decided not to do that for a reason. Maybe he wants you to know him and to trust him and to learn from him and to lean on him and let him use this journey to form you into the image of Christ… to help you understand what it means for Christ to live in you, and for you to trust the Christ who lives in you instead of trusting some formula.

I know that people across this room would be happy if I would give you a list today of three steps or five steps or seven steps you could take right now to help figure out this decision that you’re walking through. The problem is I can’t give you a list like that based on the authority of God’s Word. But on the authority of God’s Word, I can say this: there is a God in heaven who is, just as he sought after you to save you, still seeking you, and he wants you to know him personally. He wants you to know him so badly that he has put Christ in you to reveal himself to you so that he enables you – not just shows you his will – he enables you to experience his will.

In other words, instead of trying to figure out his will, God intends for us to become his will. As we walk with him on a day-to-day, moment-by-moment basis, we no longer ask the question, “God, what is your will for my life?” We are instead drawn to ask the question, “God, what is your will for human history, and how can I align my life with that?”

Dive Deeper

You’d be well served to listen to the entire sermon because it is filled with wisdom and encouragement. I have not been able, in this brief summary, to include everything. But at the very least, I think it’s safe to say that many of us may need to adjust our approach to knowing God’s will.


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