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7 Quotes from Before You Vote

In David Platt’s most recent book, Before You Vote, he identifies seven questions every follower of Christ should ask before voting in the upcoming presidential election. Along the way, he points us to some biblical foundations for thinking about government, politics, and the way we respond to differing political opinions within the church. Ultimately, the book encourages us not to look to politicians, governments, or parties but to Jesus for our ultimate hope and security.

Each of the seven quotes below is taken from a different chapter of the book …


“This world is not a democracy. This world is a monarchy, and God is the King. Sure, we may use language about our rights, and we may even compose and ascribe to a ‘Bill of Rights,’ but the reality is simple: God has all the rights, and we are subject to him.” (p. 16)


“No worldly leader is worthy of our hearts. No governmental authority or political party is worthy of our trust, allegiance, or hope. Nevertheless, as sinful people, we are prone to put our trust in leaders, to give our allegiance to them, and to ground our hope in them.” (p. 33)


As we think about voting, there is obviously much room for discussion and debate among followers of Jesus about immigration policies and paths to citizenship in our country. Similar discussion and debate could (and should) be had about how to care well for orphans, widows, the poor, and the oppressed. But at the base of those discussions and potential disagreements is a biblical command to care for all people made in the image of God, and particularly for people in need. These are issues that, biblically speaking, are of utmost importance. (p. 54)


“… we should never say, ‘The Christian candidate is …’ and then insert the name of the candidate we prefer. Why? Because no verse in the Bible endorses any particular candidate in a contemporary election. What’s more, like the rest of us, politicians are inherently flawed human beings. God the Father has only opened up the heavens in support of one person, saying, ‘This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased’ (Matthew 3:16). His name is Jesus, and he is the only leader whose character and platform are completely endorsed by God.” (p. 69)


“Presidents have come and presidents have gone. Through it all, one King has remained constant, and he is not up for election. Regardless of what president is chosen in our country, Jesus will be in control of it all.” (p. 39)

Different Opinions

“As we listen to one another, we may realize that there are followers of Jesus in the church who think differently than us, and we may grow to respect their difference of opinion on issues that are not clearly spelled out in God’s Word.” (p. 95)

Unity in Christ

“Regardless of how clear or unclear your decision seems, lay your decision before God in prayer. Seek him with all your heart. Like a child looking into the eyes of a loving Father, ask him to calm your concerns and calibrate your conscience according to his Word, his Spirit, and the wise counsel of brothers and sisters in Christ. And if your decision-making is different from those brothers and sisters, commit to loving them anyway, despite your disagreement. Commit to unity around Christ.” (p. 118)

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