Secret Church 2022: Who Am I? Session 1

Secret Church 22: Who Am I?

Session 1: Who Are We?

Who are we? Who am I? Why has God made me? This question is intimately personal and extremely critical for our lives on earth and into eternity. In this session of Secret Church 22, Pastor David Platt helps us to understand our identity through a biblical worldview. He reminds us that we have been personally and intentionally made by God. He is the Creator and we are the creation. As humans, true life is found in exalting God in all of his glory.

  1. Who Am I?
  2. What Is Wrong in the World?
  3. How Can It Be Made Right? How Can I (How Can We) Experience the Good Life?

Session 1 Discussion Questions


1. Where should we look to find our true identity and purpose?

2. How do you think your answer to the previous question is influenced by social media, movies, music, news outlets, etc.?

3. What questions do you have as you begin this study?

*Discuss any reflections from the group based on your meditation on Genesis 1:26–31.


Who Am I (Who Are We?)

1. This section begins by pointing out who God is and how he is different from us. How might this approach change the way we answer the question, “Who am I?”

2. Though God is different from us, he has made us to “resemble” him and “represent” him in the world. How should these realities affect the way we view the purpose of our lives? How should they change the way we think of the dignity of other people?

3. God has given men and women equal dignity and he has made them distinct. What are some dangers of denying either of these truths? Which of these truths seems to be most under attack in our culture?

4. When it comes to God’s design for the complementary roles of men and women, what are some ways our culture tries to undermine Scripture’s teaching?

5. Some people view male leadership in a marriage as dangerous or oppressive. How does the analogy of Christ’s relationship to the church help us see a husband’s leadership as God’s design for our good? (see Ephesians 5:22–33)

What Is Wrong in the World?

1. In your own words, and based on the biblical truths covered in this section, how would you answer a non-Christian who asked, “What is sin?”

2. Given the way sin disorders our desires, why is it dangerous to look inward to try to find our true identity?

3. In this section, we saw that sin is our attempt to define ourselves apart from God. What are some specific ways you’ve seen this play out in your own life, the lives of others, and/or in the surrounding culture?

4. According to Scripture, what are the consequences of sin? (see Romans 6:23)

5. Does the reality of sin mean that people are no longer valuable in God’s eyes? Explain your answer


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