The Great Imbalance - Session 3 - Radical

Secret Church 21: The Great Imbalance

The Great Imbalance – Session 3

Session 3 Discussion Questions

1. How might singleness be used for the sake of making disciples of all nations? What about marriage? How might the Great Commission affect who you date?

2. What are some ways that parents can raise their children to embrace their role in the Great Commission?

3. To spread the gospel is to engage in spiritual war. How does this reality change the way you approach your role in the church’s mission?

4. How might the outcome of this spiritual war—Christ’s certain victory!—remove our fears and anxieties?

5. How will you pray differently in light of the Great Imbalance?

6. How will you give differently in light of the Great Imbalance? What are some specific ways you could sacrifice for the sake of the spread of the gospel?

7. What characteristics should we look for in those whom we support financially for the sake of spreading the gospel among the unreached?

8. What truths and promises from God’s Word can help you to give cheerfully?

9. What are some ways that you can make disciples of the nations right where you live? Where in your city can you meet people from other people groups? If you’re unsure, how could you find out?

10. At this point, do you sense God leading you to be a sender or a goer?

11. What training, gifting, opportunities, etc., do you have that could be leveraged for the sake of making disciples among the nations?

12. As we think about our role in the Great Commission, why is it essential for our trust to be in God and in the power of his gospel?

13. What are some biblical traits of healthy churches? Why are such churches critical to the Great Commission?

14. If we’re going to see the Great Imbalance rectified, suffering will be a necessity. How does God prepare us for and sustain us through suffering?

15. How do you sense the Lord may be leading you to respond to what you’ve heard in Secret Church 21? Write down some “next steps.” Be sure to seek out counsel from your pastors, fellow church members, and wise Christian friends.

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