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I’d like to share a story we received recently at Radical—by God’s grace, it’s a story we hear frequently.

Rather than trying to paraphrase, allow me to share a portion of an email that arrived earlier this month: 

“I wanted to thank you again for facilitating getting us Secret Church materials to take to Cuba last month.  As he started reading the topics of each Secret Church [resource that you sent], Pastor Enrique began to cry. Their Children’s Leader began to share that they, as a church, started praying for Bible materials for the church 5 years ago and this was an answer to years of prayer and fasting. Next thing I know, there are dozens of people gathered in this home praying and crying over the blessing Radical provided. To our knowledge, nothing like this exists in Cuba, even in the seminaries.

Thank you again for all that you do!”

When we read testimonies like that of Pastor Enrique’s—testimonies of how God has used Radical resources for the growth of His people around the world––we are filled with both gratitude and affirmation. We are grateful because we are able to play a small role in seeing the gospel spread to all nations, and we are affirmed in our resolve to equip the church to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples throughout the world—all for the glory of God.

Thank you for making this possible through your donations to Radical. Your support allows us to provide free resources to Pastor Enrique and many more around the world who so desperately need to hear the truths of God’s Word. 

If you’ve benefited from resources at this past year, or if you would like to help us continue making them available in the coming year, would you support us by making a one-time or ongoing donation? We would be so grateful for your partnership in the gospel.

Join us as we ask God to continue using Radical to help equip the church for Christ’s mission.

Thomas Bowen
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