How Do You Pray for Iran?

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Radical had the opportunity to meet several Iranian believers and to hear their stories of persecution and God’s faithfulness in their lives.

We asked each one the question, “When you pray for Iran and your people, how do you pray?” And then we asked them to pray for Iran.

Read portions of their prayers below, and join with our brothers and sisters from Iran as they plead to the Lord for their country. All names have been changed for security purposes.

Dalir: “As you saved me”

Please, God, save them as you saved me. Have grace on them and give them an opportunity to know you, to know how sweet and faithful you are. You know your sons and daughters in Iran. You can provide a way for them to know you.

Let the people of my country hear the good news, which is salvation in the Lord. Anything that is not from you in that country, please take it away. We are your laborers. We are your workers. Saturate us with your Holy Spirit. Let your kingdom come in Iran.

Ali: “Bind up Satan”

In the name of Jesus Christ, I am going to raise the Iranian people in front of you, Lord. May your powerful hands be on your people. Please remember this country again. Please take away the authority that Satan has over this country, and may all Iranians be under your protection. Please make their hearts softer. Please lead this nation and lead this people. Use us for the saving of Iran.

Arash: “Save the authorities”

Lord, I want to pray for the government, the police. I want to pray for you to touch their hearts and minds. You do a great work in them so that all the people can hear your rescue message. I pray for your Bible to go to Iran and for all Iranians to be able to read the Bible.

Yasmin: “Show yourself in mighty ways”

Heavenly Father, thank you so much for your goodness in our lives. I pray for my country to open their hearts so you can touch them. Show yourself in visions and dreams and in different ways. You know our people. Please save our people and show your truth to them. Make them courageous to share your love and your mercy with other people.

Iran is made up of 47 people groups, with 45 of those having little to no access to the gospel. Out of 81 million people in Iran, only 0.2 percent identify as Evangelical Christians. In a culture dominated by strict Islamic law, Christians are under constant scrutiny and face persecution for their faith. Join with our Iranian brothers and sisters in asking God to move mightily in Iran and bring many to faith in him.


At Secret Church 17 we will be praying for the persecuted church in Iran. To learn more about Secret Church, or to register for the simulcast, go here.

Harper McKay
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